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Righteous Dub is an Experimental Psychedelic Roots Dub Collaboration project inspired by Life, rooted in Washington D.C., developed, maintained, and engineered by John Larsen - Dub Engineer / Musician / Producer / ITAL LION. Righteous started playing bass guitar circa 2007 with some heady friends, and since has launched two bands alongside Justin Pietro aka The Dub Architect. Check out I band bringing the vibes inna the DC, MD, VA yard, Dub Campaign! Righteous Dub has learned to play instruments, including, but not limited to: Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, Melodica and backup vocals. Righteous Dub has developed a passion for working with music of all types, engineering, & production and works to collaborate with artists near and far to spread a message of Love, Unity, Overstanding, Peace & Original Jamaican style DUB!

Righteous Dub has recently been working with Boom One Records (www.BoomOneRecords.com) & B.O.S.S. to release both an EP collaboration with Piper Street Sound and a Dub Remix of Boom One Sound Systems EP Japanese Translations in Dub. Lots more to come with Boom One!! Big up Reggae Community. Nice up yourself with some free Reggae downloads. >>

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Check out my band inna the DC yard.
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Feel free to hit me up to collab or reason: RighteousDubMusic@gmail.com

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